Meet Our People

At CNC, we're proud of the fact that our people are the best. Everyone in the company, from the Chief Operating Officer to our construction management team and even to the field workers truly care about the work we do. We focus on quality and customer service first and trust that the excellent work speaks for itself.
Click on the photos below for more information and to contact our team of Project Managers and Executives.

Executive Team

Project Management Team

Corporate Support Team

Jeff Williams

Construction Division Director

Deborah Knighton

Acting Chief Operating Officer

Shad Roe

Project Manager - Arkansas

Leonard Martinez

Project Manager - New Mexico

Rick Larson

Project Manager - Lawton, OK

Evan Stevens

Project Manager - Lawton, OK

Mark Villeneuve

Project Manager - OKC, OK

Tylar Colton

Project Manager - OKC, OK

Dennis Stinson

Ohio O&M Project Manager

Brad Spradlin

Safety Manager

Connie White

Contracts Administrator

Brigid Bennett

Admin Ohio O&M