Evan Stevens

PM - Lawton, OK

Mr. Stevens has a degree in Construction Management and over 7 years of experience working in various construction positions including work as a Field Engineer, Project Superintendent, and Construction Quality Control Manager. He is experienced in both vertical and horizontal construction, including extensive experience in concrete design, rebar placement, and framing. Mr. Stevens has worked on a number of projects with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Sill Directorate of Public Works, and other U.S. Government agencies. Projects include, but are not limited to, upgrading and repairing the fire suppression system for Fort Sill museum facilities, renovating interior and exterior finishes and building systems on 25 relocatable Army structures, and constructing blast deflectors on Tinker Air Force Base runways. For these and other CNC projects, he is responsible for a number of scheduling, subcontractor oversight, and construction progress reporting requirements. Mr. Stevens’ extensive knowledge of construction documentation, project submittals, and construction management, as well as his keen focus on quality throughout the lifecycle of work, are major assets he possesses that will serve him well on his way to achieving his goal to become a Project Manager.


Phone: (580) 355-2098