Leonard Martinez

Senior PM - New Mexico

With an extensive background in Industrial and Commercial Construction, Mr. Martinez has over 35 years of professional knowledge of Construction Contracting and Project Development. Mr. Martinez graduated from a bona fide Federal Apprenticeship Program, from IBEW Electrical Industry, and holds a current GB98/EE98/JE98 License. Throughout the years of service on Government projects, Mr. Martinez has been a Contracting Project Manager for many Department of Defense, Department of Energy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and State of New Mexico contracts. During his contracting endeavors at Kirtland Air Force Base he was selected Honorary Commander as a civil leader for the state of New Mexico. In the past, Mr. Martinez held the position as Secretary to Precinct Chairmen of Sandoval Count for the state of New Mexico. He currently serves as the Senior Project Manager for CNC for projects in New Mexico.